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Ministerio de Misiones


Algunos de nuestros programas son:



Every week we are sending our support to the community of Tacna, AZ. They are a small community of about 700 population that is 60 miles north east from our city of San Luis. Because Tacna has a very high unemploment rate, we see the need when we visit peoples homes. A 2009 statistic said that Tacna’s percapita estimated household income was 14,174. We send out our team every Saturday who team up with key community volunteers to help them with 5,000 pounds of food.



A missionary who lives in Wellton, AZ has teamed up with us to help his community of about 3,000 population. He comes every week to take back some 3,000 pounds of food to distribute to this city who is also considered to be under poberty levels. It had an estimated income of 17,045  per capita in 2009.



The Cocopah Ministry is helping the Cocopah Tribe once or twice a month with bottled water and food. They are people who also have needs and are going through many of the same rigors of life that an average family faces. We are working to be a part of the Emergency Response Council in order to communicate and fully minister to their needs in a timely manner.



Frequently we organize special mission trips to border cities -across the border of Mexico. We call this Operation Blessing Mexico where we take the basics. We have found many families living under extreme poverty. Children may have one pair of clothes to wear while others run around in under-pants. We minister to families who have card-board tent-like homes. We take items like clothes, shoes, toys, bottled water and food.



This is a ministry that seeks to bless every person who attends our church services and are going through hardship. Men or women who are out seeking for a job sometimes will not make it for the Saturday distribution. Sunday is the perfect opportunity for them to receive a blessing that goes to them free of charge.

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